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Blog #13. The Getty Museum Challenge

In seeking to stay entertained during self-isolation, I came across as art history related idea that I found fascinating. The J Paul Getty Museum challenged art lovers to post photos of themselves re-creating their favorite masterpiece while being healthy at home. This challenge was originally inspired by the Tussenkurst en Quarantine Instagram account from Amsterdam.Continue reading “Blog #13. The Getty Museum Challenge”

Blog #12 Iron Options in Pottery

While listening to Matthew Katz discussing glazes on the Ceramic Materials Workshop this week, I was really impressed with the work of Scott Jelich. Katz was discussing the effects of iron in ceramic glaze. Iron we learned, is the most predominant element in the earth. Iron and copper are the two main colorants in glazes.Continue reading “Blog #12 Iron Options in Pottery”

Blog #11 COVID-19 and Post-Firing Depression

A very long time ago, while in high school, I reluctantly took chemistry. It wasn’t a choice, it was a required part of college prep. My experiences in the class were regrettable. I remember my lab partner and I botched an experiment that involved creating some type of crystals. I’m not sure where our errorContinue reading “Blog #11 COVID-19 and Post-Firing Depression”

Blog #10 Creativity and Covid 19

I recently heard Louisville Orchestra conductor, Teddy Abrams, discussing his thoughts about creativity during this time of COVID-19 and wanted to share some of his ideas. Of course all of the performances are canceled, but he and individual members of the orchestra are finding other ways to perform. Some individual members are doing front porchContinue reading “Blog #10 Creativity and Covid 19”

Blog Post #7 Still Life Project

Participating in the wood firing the IUS ceramics department had last week was a very interesting and educational experience for me. This began on Wednesday with loading, after everyone added wadding with Elmer’s Glue to the base of each of their pots. Firing started late Thursday and ended Saturday. By Saturday we were stoking theContinue reading “Blog Post #7 Still Life Project”

Blog Post#6 Still Life Project

In exploring the three ideas for the still life project, the fisherman and the limitless possibilities of the fish they catch being translated into vases is an intriguing idea that I wish to pursue. I experimented with throwing several cylinders on the wheel and then altering them by simultaneously pressing the two opposite sides closeContinue reading “Blog Post#6 Still Life Project”

Blog Post #4. Observer to Participant Project

I was excited to experiment with the new slip trailer I purchased last week. First I completed several sketches of birds in floral designs, which were influenced by Japanese woodblock prints. I went to the ceramic studio with plans of making slip, transferring my drawings to the bell shapes, and then throwing several plates. ButContinue reading “Blog Post #4. Observer to Participant Project”